1. You can either install from pip:

    pip install django-mailbox

    or checkout and install the source from the github repository:

    git clone
    cd django-mailbox
    python install
  2. After you have installed the package, add django_mailbox to the INSTALLED_APPS setting in your project’s file.

  3. From your project folder, run python migrate django_mailbox to create the required database tables.

  4. Head to your project’s Django Admin and create a mailbox to consume.


Once you have entered a mailbox to consume, you can easily verify that you have properly configured your mailbox by either:

  • From the Django Admin, using the ‘Get New Mail’ action from the action dropdown on the Mailbox changelist (

  • Or from a shell opened to your project’s directory, using the getmail management command by running:

    python getmail